Pilot Work indicates Quiet Eye Training is effective for children

Our pilot study of 38 typically developing children has revealed that QET may be an effective intervention for improving the motor skill of children. The task we used required the children to throw a ball at a wall 2m away and then catch it cleanly on the return.

Image(image: red cursor represents a child’s point of gaze as they track the ball back towards them)

The study compared a ‘technical training’ intervention which included the normal instructions for throwing and catching (e.g. smooth throw, hands together) with the QET which used instructions such and take time to aim, track the ball closely.

Results indicate that only the QET group had significant improvements in catching performance in an immediate retention task. This group also significantly improved their QE durations at the aiming and tracking phases of the task.

These results suggest that QET may be an effective intervention to improve the catching performance of typically developing children. We are now assessing the effectiveness of QET for children with DCD (developmental coordination disorder) in a larger study funded by the Waterloo Foundation. http://sshs.exeter.ac.uk/news/featurednews/title_260712_en.html

The Waterloo Foundation


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