Meet The Team…

Dr. Charlotte Miles (Liverpool Hope University)Charlotte Miles

Having completed my MSc and PhD at the University of Exeter, I was appointed as a Post Doctoral Teaching Fellow at Liverpool Hope University in 2015.  I am particularly interested in the learning and performance of motor skills and specifically how we can go about improving these skills as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Working with children with movement difficulties is proving to be an enlightening and very rewarding project which I have hugely enjoyed.  I hope that as a team, we can continue to use our collective experience, knowledge and skills to develop practical, and effective interventions that will make a real impact on the lives and health of these children.

Dr. Greg Wood (Liverpool Hope University) 

Greg is a lecturer in Human Movement Science at Liverpool Hope University.  He has previously worked as Associate Research Fellow at the University of Exeter where he also completed his PhD. Greg’s experience and expertise in motor control and eye tracking has already proved an invaluable asset to the team during this project.

Greg’s Profile:

Dr. Mark Wilson (University of Exeter) 

An Associate Professor in cognitive psychology, Mark is a guru on all things visuomotor control!  His research examines the attentional processes underlying the learning and skilled performance of visually guided tasks and how these may break down under pressure.

Mark is also an Honorary Associate Professor at the Institute of Human Performance (University of Hong Kong), a chartered psychologist (and has worked with a variety of international athletes) and has competed professionally as a mixed martial artist.

Mark’s Profile:

Dr. Samuel Vine (University of Exeter)  

Also a lecturer in Sport and Exercise psychology, Sam’s research interests lie in skill acquisition and the resilient performance of motor skills across various domains and populations.  Sam’s most recent body of work has looked at the visuomotor processes and training of laparoscopic surgeons.

Sam also completed his PhD at the University of Exeter under the supervision of Mark Wilson which considered the application of the Attentional Control Theory in sports skills.

Sam’s Profile:

Prof. Joan Vickers (University of Calgary)

The ‘founder’ of the Quiet Eye, we are very fortunate to have Joan’s guidance and advice on the project.  Joan is and has been a world leader the field in visuomotor control for many years and has published work in both the sporting domain as well as in clinical populations such as children with disorders such as ADHD.  Her specialist research areas include cognition, gaze and motor behaviour and motor learning and control.

Joan’s profile:

If you would like any more information about this project or are interested in participating in a study please contact Charlotte via


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